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The 1000 year biscuit

Ferratelle are biscuits like no other - find them online, at our Caffè Boutique or at selected delicatessen and coffee shops in London

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'Ferratelle': The 1000 year biscuit!

Tower of deliciously looking ferratelle or pizzelle
Deliciously looking ferratelle or pizzelle filled with chocolate and hazelnut spread served on a board

A Gem of Italian Heritage

Delicious ways to enjoy 'ferratelle'

Deliciously looking ferratelle or pizzelle served with various complementary foods on top

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been buying "ferratelle" products for a while now. My kids loved them from the first time they tried them, especially when paired with Nutella. "Ferratelle" have also become an essential part of our family reunions thanks to their addictive flavour and lovely presentation.

Jackie T. - Highbury teacher

"Ferratelle" is a little culinary gem waiting to be discovered... I cannot imagine any person of whatever age and background not finding culinary fulfillment there!

Vangelis K. - Time Out reviewer

Although I am continuously trying new biscuits and love to broaden my culinary repertoire, "ferratelle" have become a regular in my weekly food ingest and culinary practices given their versatility. I am constantly finding new ways to enjoy "ferratelle" throughout my food preparations at school.

Edward P. - London chef student


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