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Ferratelle or pizzelle box of lemon flavour
Ferratelle or pizzelle box of aniseed & sambuca flavour
Ferratelle or pizzelle box of orange & almond flavour
Ferratelle or pizzelle box of cinnamon flavour
Ferratelle box with a representative tower of ferratelle or pizzelle next to it
Ferratelle or pizzelle served with strawberries and banana on top

D'Oro Box

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The beautiful and elegant D'Oro Box contains 15 of our delicious handmade ferratelle. Just like in the century VII, these thin and crispy ferratelle make the perfect gift for all special occasions.

Choose one of our aromatic flavours and treat your loved ones to a scrumptious afternoon tea.

D'Oro tip: make your gift even more special by customising the theme of the ribbon... for free!

*Add any special requests to your order on your cart page and we'll make every effort to satisfy you.

STORAGE: Keep in a cool, dry place. Don't let air into the packet.
NUTRITIONAL: Full in flavour, only 321 calories (as prepared per 100g).
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Made in England by Ferratelle D’Oro UK Ltd.

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