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Boxes of ferratelle or pizzelle, plain and filled with chocolate and hazelnut spread, with two bottles of Agrumia liqueur
Ferratelle or pizzelle filled with chocolate and hazelnut spread served on a board
Ferratelle or pizzelle served with strawberries and banana on top

Millennium Box

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The Millennium Box includes 2 of your favourite D'Oro Boxes, 2 D'Oro Bites Boxes and a pair of specialty Agrumia liqueurs. Each D'Oro Box contains 15 of our delicious handmade ferratelle. Each D'Oro Bites Box contains 10 handmade ferratelle biscuit sandwiches filled with chocolate & hazelnut spread.

Agrumia liqueurs are an ideal combination for ferratelle. This combination can be enjoyed at different times - from pre-meal aperitif to an after-meal digestive, or at any other special time during the day.

This is the perfect gift for those looking to match up the delicious ferratelle with a fine liqueur, accentuate their flavours and enhance the culinary experience.

Golden news: Exciting new fillings coming soon, don't forget to register on Ferratelle Perks to be the first to find out!

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STORAGE: Keep in a cool, dry place. Don't let air into the packet.
NUTRITIONAL (BISCUITS): Full in flavour, only 353 calories (as prepared per 100g).
NOTICE: You must be of legal drinking age to purchase this product. Dried flowers shown in pictures not included.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Made in England by Ferratelle D’Oro UK Ltd.

Quantity must be 1 or more