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Events: The missing ingredient to a successful gathering

True to 'ferratelle's' origins as a biscuit offered at weddings and other events, we encourage you to get in touch to come up with your custom catering menu to ensure the success of your special occasion.

'Ferratelle' make the perfect presentation for large parties and gatherings, enriching any event from weddings to birthday parties to corporate events.

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Deliciously looking ferratelle or pizzelle filled with chocolate and hazelnut spread served on a board
Basket of ferratelle or pizzelle of different flavours on top of a vintage table

Wholesale: Valuable partnerships

We are always looking for partners across the food & beverage industry to expand the reach of our Ferratelle D'Oro products.

We are committed to working together with our partners to implement an effective wholesale strategy, building a competitive advantage and adding value across the supply chain.

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