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Ferratelle D'Oro

Ferratelle D'Oro was started as a special project by a family of Italian origin. Grandma, Mamma Renza, was born in Raiano, one of the cutest towns of Italy's Abruzzo region where 'Ferratelle' are originally from. This delicious biscuit was an essential snack at the family's table and during celebrations. From family to friends, they were everyone's favourites!

When Mamma Renza was faced with some serious health issues, the family thought of doing something to cheer her up. This is when they decided to make out of the 'Ferratelle' something big and special, just like her.

In love with the beautiful house where Mamma Renza grew up and learned the art of 'Ferratelle' making, everyone always called it 'La Casetta D’Oro', which translates as 'The Little Golden House'. Adding all the elements of the equation, there was only one perfect name for the special project, and this is how Ferratelle D’Oro was born!

These exquisite and unique biscuits have always been present at the founders' table. Their aim is to pass on their enthusiasm for 'Ferratelle' to everyone, transforming them into a magical culinary experience by following every step of their Granny's recipe and adding a pinch of creativity.

Cartoon of Ferratelle D'Oro founders by artist Pittais