-The story behind these tasty biscuits is simply amazing. The recipe of ‘le ferratelle’ is one of the most antique in Italy. It is not known exactly, but it is believed they were first produced in the 7th century

More than a 1000 years indulging people’s palates! 

Originally, the irons used to produce them were personalised with the family crest as the biscuits were given as a special present on important occasions such as Christmas, Easter and engagement parties where the bride’s family would offer them to the groom’s family.  

We are a Venezuelan family with Italian origins and Ferratelle D’Oro is our special golden project. Our grandma, Mamma Renza, was born in Raiano, one of the cutest towns of the Abruzzo region in Central Italy. Since she moved to Venezuela in the 60s’ the delicious ‘ferratelle’ became part of our table and celebrations. All our friends would go mad for them!

When she started to face some important health issues we knew we needed to do something to cheer her up. This was when we decided to make out of the ‘ferratelle’ something big and special, just like her.

In love with the beautiful house where Mamma Renza grew up we always called it  ‘La Casetta D’oro‘, which means ‘The little golden house’. Adding all the elements of the equation we decided there was only one perfect name for us, Ferratelle D’Oro!

These exquisite and unique biscuits – sweet & savoury-  have been part of our table since we can remember and now our aim is to introduce them to the rest of the world.

After all … food tastes better when it’s shared!

 We hope we can bring this delicious and unique Italian culinary experience to your tables and homes just like our grandma did with us.